Delaware authorities preparing for Joe Biden's visits back home

The moment Joe Biden is sworn in he'll immediately get heavily armed presidential security detail thanks to the U.S. Secret Service.  Although he will be spending much of his time in Washington, local police in Delaware are also gearing up for presidential visits back to his home state.

"We’ve been preparing for over a month now. The Secret Service is a group of professional men and women who are dedicated to protecting the president," Rehoboth Beach Police Lt. Jaime Riddle said.

Rehoboth Beach police expect the Biden family to spend at least some of their time at Biden's Delaware beach house. But now, that visit will come with rooftop snipers, the presidential motorcade, and a traveling press corps.

"There’s going to be traffic mitigation. There’s going to be impacts. There will be congestion when the president comes to town when it comes to associated with his security detail so if they just bear with us," Lt. Riddle said.

The Secret Service already had a jump start working with local agencies like Wilmington and New Castle County police. They have been helping protect Biden since his vice presidential days. Neighbors say they're kind of used to it.

"The Secret Service is around here it’s another normal thing. They were around here when he was vice president as well. It’s really not new around here we’re just used to it," Cassidy Greer said.

That security footprint some are used to is about to get a whole lot bigger.

"A lot of is out of curiosity. They just want to know what it looks like and the only way we are going to know 100 percent what it looks like is when we see it," Lt. Riddle said.


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