Delaware Fire Marshal Investgating String of Arsons in Delaware Trailer Park

Police in Delaware are investigating three fires all set at the same time at a trailer park in Wilmington. Delaware.

Now, the Delaware State Fire Marshall's Office says someone set those fires deliberately.

At least twelve people avoided injury, after someone set three trailers on fire at the Park Place trailer park, around 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

Everyone is okay, but neighbors say 9 people were asleep in one of the units at the time, when the fires were started.

The family who lives in another one of the trailers escaped with just a burned porch. Authorities believe someone threw a bag that had been lit on fire onto the porch.

The assistant fire marshal confirms there were three separate fires started, and total damage was estimated at 40,000 dollars.

Whether this is the result of someone playing what could have been a deadly prank, or something more sinister, these three cases of arson, have some neighbors concerned.