Delaware license plate sold at auction for $410,000

People are paying big bucks for license plates in Delaware. One man paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his and that did not include a car.

When it comes to license plates in Delaware--the lower the number--the higher the price. So when the Delaware number 20 went up for auction this weekend. It made history. The plate sold for $410,000 to a Milford dentist. Why?

"From my understanding he said, 'I want a piece of Delaware history to pass along to my kids,'" John Wakefield with Delaware Tag Traders said.

Wakefield helped broker the deal, along with 'PC-33' that sold for $45,000 and '3-200' that went for more than $14,000.

The first state is only one of two states to allow these kinds of sales.

"It's a Delawarean thing, it's a local Delaware thing," Jack Hewlett said.

"It's an antique. I would say it's an heirloom. People pass it from generation to generation," Vivian Bolinas said.

And the number 20 plate was only the second highest ever paid in the U.S. Number 6 went for $675,000 back in 2008.

Probably the most sought after license plate in the world sits on the back of a Wilmington Lexus. It is Delaware license plate number 4. The car goes for about $45,000. The license plate is said to be worth well over a million dollars if that person chooses to sell it.