Delaware warns of 'significant increase' in potbellied pigs roaming freely in neighborhoods, rural areas

Delaware has a growing problem that officials want to stop before it gets hog wild!

The Delaware Department of Agriculture warned of a "significant increase" in potbellied pigs running at-large in neighborhoods and rural areas. 

Officials believe most of the pigs started out as pets when owners mistakenly thought they were '"tea cup pigs" that would stay small. 

Instead, state workers say potbellied pigs can grow up to 200 pounds and live more than 15 years, leading some owners to set them free.


"As potbellied pigs are a non-native species, swift action will be taken to mitigate any threats they pose to Delaware lands, livestock, natural resources, and human health," officials said. 

Due to potbellied pigs ability to reproduce at a young age, the state is concerned about a possible feral pig population that could rapidly spread disease and damage property. 

They have encouraged owners to spay or nurture their pet pigs to prevent unwanted litters. 

Potbellied pig owners who need guidance on how to properly care for their animal can call the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Poultry and Animal Health Section at 302-698-4561.