Delays on the Market Frankford Line after man hit by train

There are delays on the Market-Frankford El line after a man was hit by a train at the Huntingdon Station.

SKYFOX was over the intersection of Kensington Avenue and Huntingdon Street where SEPTA says the man was sitting or lying on the westbound platform with part of his legs extended out, over the track area.

Then, at about 9:46am, a train came and hit him.

He temporarily became stuck between the train and the platform. Emergency crews removed him and took him to the hospital.

His condition and extent of his injuries have not been released.

SEPTA had to shuttle-bus between Berks and Allegheny for about 45 minutes. Now, service has returned but there are delays.

For now, all trains between Allegheny and Berks stations will board on the eastbound platforms.