Delco Director of Emergency Management Director fired amid harassment, sex assault allegations

Tim Boyce, Delaware County's Director of Emergency Management, was fired days after allegations of harassment and sexual assault surfaced. 

Boyce, who lead his department since 2016, was accused of grabbing the backside of a 38-year-old female employee this past January. 

Attorney Mark Schwartz said his client quit her job the next day and texted Boyce to voice her displeasure. Boyce allegedly owned up to the incident during the text exchange.

"He had her come into his office. He gropes her, she freaks out and leaves and quits the next day and texts him and says you treated me like a piece of meat and he doesn’t dispute it" said Schwartz. 


Delco Emergency Services head Timothy Boyce accused of sexual harassment, abuse against employees

Timothy Boyce, head of Delaware County’s Office of Emergency Services has been placed on leave since April 26 after he was accused of sexual harassment and abuse against employees.

A 67-year-old woman who has worked for the county since 1974 accused Boyce of age discrimination, resulting in fewer hours and no raise. A criminal complaint claims Boyce "exhibited a well-known preference for attracting young women". 

While Boyce has not yet been criminally charged for the allegations, sources told FOX 29 that Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer's office and potentially the State Attorney General’s office have launched a criminal investigation.

"I will proceed to hold DELCO liable for allowing the connected Mr Boyce to hide in plain sight," a statement from Schwartz read. "With the exception of its District Attorney, DELCO does not protect its employees – I assure you that they will be held accountable."