Dense fog presents travel headaches for some across Delaware Valley

Fog can turn travel into a nightmare. Some people are seeing delays both on the ground and in the sky.

Limited visibility stretches across many roadways in the Delaware Valley Sunday night, as a Dense Fog Advisory threatens to make driving hazardous through the overnight hours.

"You can't see and the mist is really bad, so it's dangerous if you're not taking your time," said limousine driver Helene Wyrauch.

Wyrauch was on a break near Philadelphia International Airport after driving a limousine all Sunday, with conditions bad just about everywhere.

"I've been to Newark, New Jersey from there out to Pottstown and from Pottstown to here and it's horrible. People were driving like crazy," Wyrauch explained.

"The fog was so thick, you could cut it with a knife!" exclaimed one traveler.

Which is why many flights going to and from Philadelphia International were delayed or canceled. Ryan Sohmer was trying to get home to Montreal.

"We're supposed to go from here to Dulles and then Dulles home, but right now, as it stands, our flight leaving here would get us in later than our flight to Montreal takes off, so we decided to spend the night in lovely Philly and try to take the direct flight in the morning," Sohmer said.

Tyler was trying to make it to Florida.

"Just affected flights out of here, so all of the connecting flights are going to have to be missed anyway. Which is a shame. Not too happy, but it is what it is," Tyler Crompton said.

Perhaps, the best advice, especially for those who will be braving the roads overnight comes from professional driver Helene…just take your time.

"Be safe. Better to get there late and be safe than not get there at all," Wyrauch said.

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