Department of Health investigating after nurse claims Philly Fighting COVID CEO took vaccine from clinic

The fallout continues after the city severed ties with vaccination partner Philly Fighting COVID. The organization ran the vaccine site at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Philadelphia officials want everyone who got a vaccine through Philly Fighting COVID to know that they will be in touch with you about getting your second vaccine even though this group will no longer get any doses.

The city is also investigating additional allegations against PFC, including a claim that the CEO took unused vaccines from the clinic.

"I was like oh no what am I going to do how am I going to get this second dose," Kelly Evans said.

It was a panic felt by thousands who got their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine through Philly Fighting COVID.

The group had been behind the city’s largest coronavirus vaccination site. Now, that’s an empty room at the Pennsylvania Convention Center because the city is no longer giving the group vaccine doses.

"I was really disappointed because it seemed to go smoothly it was almost too good to be true and then I guess it was," Evans explained.

Evans added the city’s Department of Health did contact her Tuesday about when she could get her second dose. Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said they will do that for everyone vaccinated through Philly Fighting COVID now that they cut ties with the group.

He says they were aware PFC changed a corporate status from non-profit to profit. They officially cut ties after discovering that PFC updated its data privacy policy in a way that could allow them to sell the information of those who pre-registered.

Dr. Farley says the city had a contract with PFC for testing that had agreements that prevented data but never entered into a contract for the vaccine clinics.

"Based on their ability to do testing and our need at that time to get an awful lot of unaffiliated healthcare providers vaccinated in a hurry we decided to give them the opportunity to run mass clinic," Farley said.

In a lengthy statement posted on their website, CEO Andrei Doroshin said in part, "There was language in our privacy policy that was problematic and as soon as we became aware of it, we removed it."

He went on to say they never have and never would share, or disseminate any data they collected.

But now, Philly’s Department of Health is investigating additional allegations.

Katrina Lipinsky, a registered nurse that volunteered at the clinic twice, told FOX 29 over the phone she was never asked to provide her medical license before the first session and administered the vaccine to people that were technically ineligible.

She also alleges they had leftover vaccines on the 23rd despite turning people away and claims she saw Doroshin leave with at least 10 vaccines drawn up in syringes after the clinic was over.

"We're going to try to do what we can to find out if there were any missing doses," Farley said.

District Attorney Larry Krasner called the allegations concerning and wants anyone with information to come forward.


City cuts ties with vaccination partner Philly Fighting COVID after change in corporate status


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