Deptford Township residents deal with aftermath of storm

Deptford Township residents are dealing with flooding issues after storms passed through the area on Wednesday.

"Oh it was really bad," said Lisa Mays. She and her three kids were out walking Simpson and Lilly after 8 p.m. and spoke to FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson.

One of the girls, Maura was able to squeeze in some rollerblading which is one of her favorite things to do but that was impossible a few hours before. 


 "We heard thunder and lightning but we waited till that subsided before we came out," said Mays. They recorded several videos of what they found when they walked outside their Deptford home near Riggins and Carson Avenue. Flooding like they haven't seen here in a long time. 

"It came up to our knees. They had to close off one of the roads so you couldn't actually come back into the neighborhood. My husband had to park his car at the front of the neighborhood and walk home because he couldn't get home. It was that deep," said Mays.  

Erin, Maura and their brother Kyle say it was the most fun they've had in a while. 

"I tried to swim in it. I was literally sitting in the water because I was having a great time,” said Erin. They took their umbrellas out but most for fun or in Kyle’s case, a photo op. 

It was a refreshing change of pace from their normal activities limited because of the coronavirus. 

"We actually were playing in the flooding because it was a little high. It was up to my shorts," said Kyle.  

"It was cool because it's never been like that that high on my leg. I’ve usually just been able to stick a few toes in but never like it was," said Maura. 

Some small shrubs came down but no real damage in this neighborhood luckily because neighbors say the thunder and lightning were bad. On Wednesday, streets that were closed here are back open. 


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