Disabled Army Vet Says Shelter Won't Give Back His Lost Dog

SAN ANTONIO, TX (FOX NEWS INSIDER) - A disabled Army veteran said a San Antonio shelter refused to return him his dog that had gone missing despite photographic evidence.

Smokey disappeared from Andrew Astorga's patio nearly three weeks ago.

Luckily, he was found by a good Samaritan and turned over to a rescue group.

But even after being shown a photo of the pair, the group wouldn't release the dog, saying that they needed more proof, like a veterinary bill.

Astorga, who served nine months in Afghanistan, said that Smokey is his only cure for PTSD, that the dog wakes him up when he's having nightmares.

"He's like my shadow. I don't go anywhere without him," he said.

Astorga and his mother have filed a police report for theft.

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