DNC security out in full force ahead of convention start Monday

Center City streets covered in clusters of blue the night before the official start of the Democratic National Convention.

Officers standing sentry on street corners.

Cruisers lining Broad Street intermixed with homeland security and state police.

"I don't think we could breathe without the police breathing on us. It's awesome."

Visitors like Indu Tejwani from Tennessee telling us they appreciate the visible security measures.

"We are so happy for all the security.

Reporter: You feel safe?

"Very safe. Nothing unsafe about this place."

Police Commissioner Ross said, "We're protecting this city both on land air and on the waterways."

Philadelphia Police touting their comprehensive plan to keep the city secure. Added measures to protect protesters and police officers on the ground.

Monday morning expect Broad Street exits off I-95 closed off, added patrols on the road, parking restrictions in play on Broad and parts of old city.

"I got here this morning and I've seen a lot of police everywhere. Downtown and I feel safe."

K9 units and officers on bicycles rounding out the police presence.

Miami delegate Elizabeth Judd says despite the show of force she has not felt overwhelmed.

"It does not feel intrusive. I do not feel limited at all."