Do you know these couples? The mystery of the abandoned wedding photos

The search is on for more than 100 unidentified couples whose wedding pictures and videos were lost and forgotten after being stashed away in a closet.

The treasure trove of marital bliss was discovered when employees of a real estate developer in Staten Island, New York, were cleaning out the office of a professional photographer who moved out eight years ago.

Richard and Lois Nicotra own the building where the photos were found.

"It must have been horrible not having your wedding photos and wedding videos -- the most important day of your life," she said.

The wedding photos were only labeled with first names like Amy and Doug, Christina and Michael and Candice and Bryan.

Amateur sleuths combed through the videos for any clues about who the couples might be.

A Facebook page called "Recovered Photos - Crystal Image" was created to display the recovered photos for all the world to see and it began to work.

Kenny Zapelli saw the photos of his wedding to wife Lynn and showed up to claim them.

"My wife is gonna go crazy when she sees this," he told Inside Edition. "My wife lost her father just a few months after the wedding, so, to have a video and something to look back on, to have that memory of her father is something words cannot describe."

Toni Ferrara-Molski was thrilled to find the photos of her wedding, even if it was close to 10 years after the big day.

She told Inside Edition she spent about $5,000 for the pictures and never saw them because nearly three months after her wedding, the photographer died.

"I was devastated," she said. "I would walk into a friend's house and see these portraits. I was devastated because I didn't have any."

She was able to get a hold of the pictures and recently saw them for the first time after a friend tagged her in the Facebook group.

So far, 20 couples have gotten back their precious memories, which they thought were lost forever.