Dog beaten, left tied to dumpster in Cobbs Creek

Human law enforcement officers are investigating the discovery of a badly beaten dog that was found tied to a dumpster in Cobbs Creek.

Tuesday afternoon, the dog, an approximately 2-year-old pit bull mix, was found tied to a dumpster near the Cobbs Creek recreation center.

The dog, since named Charlie, had been badly beaten and was taken to Philadelphia Animal Hospital where veterinarians are continuing to work to save the dog.

The hospital wrote about Charlie's fight on Facebook explaining that the dog was still in critical condition, and will require surgery in a few days when he is more stable and has more stamina.

As of Thursday, they say Charlie is doing as well as can be expected.

Nikki Rubino, who found the dog, says Charlie was eating wet food on Friday and gave his first kisses to his caretakers.

Anyone with information about Charlie or his abuser should call the PSPCA.