'Don't You Die on Me': Truck Driver Reunited With Trooper Who Saved His Life

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Ohio (FOX NEWS)- Incredible dashcam video captures a heroic state trooper saving a semi-truck driver's life.

In the newly released video, Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer Eric Devers spends 12 minutes reviving John Depue after his truck careened off the highway and down a 60-foot embankment.

"Keep breathing," Devers says on the recording as he counts out chest compressions. "Don't you die. Don't you die on me. Come on."

Depue was taken to an area hospital and has made a full recovery. According to the highway patrol, Devers' actions saved his life.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" today, Devers and Depue were reunited via satellite.

"I was able to step up to that truck with him, he was taking very, very little, gasping breaths, hardly like he was alive at all," Devers told Anna Kooiman. "Our academy is so extensive in its training that at that point my mind just essentially went on autopilot. I just did what I knew I had to do."

Devers said he has been floored by how many times the video of the rescue has been viewed and how many people have come forward to voice their support.

"The amount of outpouring of support for all of law enforcement, not just myself, has been amazing," Devers said.

"How can you say 'thank you' for saving your life?" Depue said. "I definitely think he was my angel that day."

Report via FOX News