Dramatic body camera footage shows New Jersey officer save man from house fire

"I got smoky conditions. Smoky conditions," Dramatic body camera footage shows a New Jersey police officer brave a smoke-filled house to rescue a man trapped in a fire.

The Evesham Police Department said Officer Kevin Long was the first to arrive to an emergency call on the 1800 block of Sagemore Drive earlier this month. 

Body camera footage shared on Monday shows Officer Long sprinting over to the property when he noticed heavy smoke billowing from the town home. 

"Without hesitation and under extreme hazardous conditions, Officer Long entered the home, navigating through almost zero visibility to affect a rescue of the trapped resident," the department wrote in a press release shared Monday.


Upon entering the home, Officer Long encounters a woman who he urges her to go outside. He then continues through the dense black smoke to rescue a man seated in a chair next to a wheelchair. 

"Hey! You alright? It’s fully engulfed. Get out!" he said to a woman at the door. She was frantic that her husband was trapped inside. Police say the two victims are in their 70's and the man has a medical condition and can't walk.

Officer Long hurriedly pulls the wheelchair out the front door, then drags the man in the chair out of the home. 

Authorities say both residents were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Firefighters, who police say arrived six minutes after the 911 call, were able to contain the fire to the kitchen and prevent it from damaging neighboring homes.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson spoke to Police Chief Walt Miller Monday about the conditions the officer faced.

"He was confronted with a large amount of smoke and couldn't see what was going on," said Chief Miller. "He was subjected to the smoke and limited visibility but fortunately he was able to make contact with the gentleman and remove him from the residence," the chief continued. 

At the end of the video you see Officer Long rescuing the man before falling to the ground from smoke inhalation.

"He did end up getting back up then went and evacuated the other 16 apartments," said Chief Miller.

The fire occuured a week ago at Sagemore Retirement Community apartments. 

Earlier Monday, the department honored Officer Long for his bravery. In 2020, he was recognized as officer of the year.

"From the video she kept trying to go back into the apartment. If he's not there as quickly as he is, that wife is in the house with him and quickly they would both have succumbed to the smoke. So he saved two lives that day," said Chief Miller.

The officer was treated for smoke inhalation and released from the hospital that same day.

Police say the cause was a kitchen fire from unattended cooking.

Officer Long has been with Evesham Police Department nine years and was with Camden County Metro Police for a year before. He is also a registered nurse.