Eagles fans behave with Vikings fans and worry about the Birds

In what was a rematch of last year's NFC Championship game, expectations were high and Vikings fans got an earful.

"Last time they came, they were real confident, had a great fame against the Saints and then they lost by 31 points. Go Birds!" said a fan.

Trash talk comes with the territory. But, after poor behavior by some fans last year, Code of Conduct reminders were posted on signs and flyers outside the Linc.

But, in the end, as the clock ticked down, it was hardly a chaotic scene of jubilance that was so common, almost predictable, earlier this year.

It was more of a scene of dejection.

"It seems like it's back to the NFC Least. We just seem like we went from Super Bowl champs just back down to mediocrity. It's a little depressing," said Rich Alberto.

"It's deflating. Anytime you lose, but we're two and three and the rest of the division is not doing that well," Ting Cosper stated.

"We're hopeful. Carson's back. But, we still need some work," Cathy Farrell said.

But, in true Eagles fan fashion, no one can give up on the Birds.

Devon Pearson was at the Super Bowl and wants to go back.

"It's been an emotional collapse, but I haven't lost faith," Pearson said.

"I think they just need to get back to their rhythm. And, once they get into their rhythm, everything is gonna be good," Zak Prosmushkin said.

Finally, for all those who say Eagles fans can't dish out a little love after a hard fought battle, this is for those folks.

"I wish you good luck, sir. Thank you. Excellent game, my friend, good game. Safe travels back to Minnesota. Thank you," from one Eagles fan to a Vikings fan.

Remember, this is only game 5.