Emergency nurse at Jefferson Hospital gives insight into being on front lines fighting COVID-19

A registered emergency nurse at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital gave FOX 29 insight into being on the front lines during the COVID-19 fight.

“My true passion in life was to always take care of people, be around people as many as possible, enjoy them, but at the same time help them, make them feel better," Michaela Petrone told  FOX 29.

As heartwarming as her motivation to be a Thomas Jefferson University Hospital nurse is, her honest expression of what it’s like during the coronavirus pandemic is equally eye-opening.

“Are you scared," FOX 29's Bill Anderson asked. Petrone replied, "Yes, I'm scared. Every healthcare worker that’s out there whether you’re a nurse, doctor, respiratory therapist, lab technician, we all have fears.”


Long shifts and consecutive days are the normal. What makes these front line workers different is the ability to acknowledge fears while remembering their larger commitment.

“My patients are like my family. They came to me for a reason because they needed help, and I’m there to help them and make them safe," she said.

Petrone was extremely open and honest while FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke with her from acknowledging that her own safety does enter her mind while trying to comfort people facing coronavirus.

“I’m thinking about what they're going through, what they're thinking at the moment, and whether or not I’m protected," Petrone explained.

Something in these individuals makes them find a way daily to put others first.

“We have a job. We’ve taken an oath—the oath to care and heal those out there that need us," Petrone added.

It's much more than a job that makes you risk yourself every day because it's necessary. It's passion, empathy, and love that makes people heroes for goodness sake.

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