End of an era: Jack's Deli closes in Northeast Philly

After more than 50 years on Bustleton Avenue, Jack's Deli & Restaurant is closing its doors.

You could never hear yourself think over the laughter and conversation in here all these years. But this afternoon was different--it was goodbye.

Crowds of customers and former employees, some from as far away as India, stopped through and sent messages to all they grew up with here.

It was a reunion of sorts, but then reality set in.

Lee Goodman, a longtime customer, explained.

"I had to come here and see the place one more time," he said. "I'm really sad that they're closing up."

Lee's wife, Nancy, shared a similar sentiment.

"I met my husband here, and I wanted to get the same thing I ordered when I met him," Nancy told Fox 29.

Alan Mutchnick, one retiring co-owner, put it this way.

"We know about their lives, their parents, their children, grandchildren," he said. "[It was] an amazing run for us."

Dawn Irvin, the Deli manager, has been here 23 years.

"I'm gonna miss everybody," she said. "You know what, they were family."

Eddie Mutchnick, another co-owner, had the following parting words:

"People say 'Oh it's bitter sweet.' But I say it's 'bitter bitter sweet.' The bitterness of losing all these people that have been with me for so many years that have been my friends and my family," Mutchick said. "[It's] very difficult."