England teenager charged, fined after staging motorcycle accident

A 19-year-old boy in England admitted to staging a motorcycle accident after CCTV footage surfaced and showed him laying down his bike in the road and then crawling underneath it.

Authorities said the incident happened on Sutton Road in Mansfield on May 1 and prompted a large emergency response. 

Nottinghamshire police released this footage in order to deter the public from wasting the time of emergency services. 

"Police, fire and ambulance crews all attended and closed the road for over an hour whilst a multi-agency approach was conducted after the apparent casualty pretended to slip in and out of consciousness," police said. "But the 19-year-old was simply wasting the time and resource of three emergency services."

First responders secured the teen to a stretcher and took him to the hospital after he told medics he could not feel his legs or the right side of his body. 

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Police later discovered the crash was staged when they reviewed CCTV to determine the cause of the crash.

"The teenager was interviewed and it wasn’t until he was shown the CCTV that he admitted he had lied about the whole incident," police said.

Investigator Gareth James criticized the teenager for wasting the time of emergency services, potentially delaying responses to those in need. 

"It is right that he was prosecuted for wasting emergency services time," James said. "He received a fixed penalty notice which has now been paid," he said.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.