Evidence presented during trial of slain Temple University student

The trial of the man accused of murdering a Temple University student continues. The defense insists he didn't do commit the crime and that his roommate did. On Thursday, the roommate took the stand.

During testimony, pictures and evidence from inside and around the North Philadelphia apartment where prosecutors claim Jenna Burleigh was slain.

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Bloody gauze, a knife, a woman's boot and tee-shirt emblazoned with a call for "positive vibes" likely belonging to Jenna Burleigh.

Prosecutors allege the 22-year-old Temple student was slain by Joshua Hupperterz in late August 2017 after Burleigh rebuffed a sex act with him. He's charged with moving the body to the Poconos to hide it.

The defense claims Hupperterz Is not the killer. They say his 24-year-old former roommate, Jack Miley, is the killer.

On the stand, Miley said he drank at least a dozen beers and took drugs when he went bar-hoping with Hupperterz the night of the killing.

He says he came home early and slept through the night only to wake up the next afternoon to see his roommate with a deep cut on his hand and scratches -- claiming he "woke up in a pricker bush."

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Burleigh's father wouldn't talk of the brutal images in court Thursday only of a charity in his daughter's name helping the homeless.

"It keeps Jenna's name alive that's what we want--to fulfill her mission," said Ed Burleigh of the charity in his daughter's honor.