Ewing Township boy, 5, fighting for his life after cardiac arrest

A 5-year-old boy of Ewing Township is in critical condition after he went into cardiac arrest on a soccer field last week. 

Sheryl Grell was watching her son, Anthony, run up and down the field during a soccer game when suddenly, he collapsed on the field. 

At that moment, Grell's instincts kicked in as she rushed to the field to save her son's life. 

Grell, who is also an emergency room nurse, performed CPR on her son in a rush to keep him alive. Local police also used an automatic defibrillator to bring Anthony back to life. 

"I just started pounding on his chest," said Grell.


Anthony's heart stopped three times, and he has now been diagnosed with a rare condition that causes an irregular heartbeat, according to the doctors at CHOP.

The fellow nurse says she is grateful for all the hard work of the doctors and nurses at CHOP, and she's begging all parents to learn CPR. 

"The doctors and nurses have been absolutely wonderful," Grell said. "CPR is important, it's a lifesaver, it really is." 

Anthony remains in critical condition, but his mom thought it was important to tell his story in hopes that others will learn CPR. 

To find a CPR class, visit redcross.org. To donate to the GoFundMe for Anthony's family, click here