Ex-priest pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges in Bucks County courthouse

An ex-priest accused of sexually abusing boys in the area pleads guilty in connection with those crimes.

“Do you have any comment at all? Why plead guilty?” asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

“No comment,” was Francis Trauger’s reply.

Suspended as a priest in 2003 and kicked out two years later, Trauger, now living in Brooklyn, New York, came to admit guilt.

“I was 12-years-old, so, today I represent that 12-year-old,” Mike McDonnell stated.

McDonnell, a leader of a Philadelphia group of survivors of priest abuse known as SNAP, says Trauger abused him when he served as a priest in a Montgomery County church.

McDonnell’s allegations are too old for criminal prosecution.

“It certainly will send a message that this will not be toleratied. We will go to any and all lengths to uncover thruths and see that justice is served,” McDonnell explained.

Trauger was arrested when his two victims, now adults, stepped forward.

His name raised in grand jury reports on sex abuse in the Catholic Church, victims suspect Trauger of abusing others in churches where he served.

His sentence Wednesday: 18 to 36 months in state prison and five years probation.

“After evading justice for decades, former Catholic priest Francis Trauger is heading to state prison for molesting two boys decades ago,” Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub stated.

The click of handcuffs was heard as the disgraced priest was led from the court, his attorney arguing he’d done some good in his life.

“Do you want to apologize in any way, sir?” asked Cole.


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