Excited Philadelphia Eagles fans head out to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII

The journey to Minneapolis may have been a long one for the Eagles. But, for some fans it began Saturday, February 3.

Fans gathered at Philadelphia International on their way to Super Bowl LII and FOX 29 was there to talk with them.

It was as if the TSA declared a "Code Green" here at the airport. Green hair. Green beards. Even green luggage to check in. It was fly Eagles fans fly here.

"When did you get tickets and how did you get them? My husband got them this past Tuesday. He waited - he didn't want to get them the day after the NFC Championship because they were too much money. But, they came down by $2000 each," said a fan.

"How cool is it to be going to the Super Bowl? Oh it's awesome. We're excited, you know, the boys are ready to go. We're like, you know, pumped up," said another fan.

"You realize how lucky you are to have a dad like this? Yeah I am. That's a Super Bowl super dad right there. Yeah," a third fan said.

"Super excited. How tough was it to get a ticket? It was very, very, very tough," a fourth fan said.

"How exciting is it to take your son to an Eagles Super Bowl? This is something I've been dreaming of since I was a little boy. You know, it's unfortunate we don't get a chance to be able to head to the Super Bowl too often and so once this game came up it was an absolute easy decision for us to make to get out there," another fan stated.

"How cool is this to be 12-years-old and going to an Eagles Super Bowl? Yeah I know you're only 12 so you can't even realize how cool it is. It's crazy in the fact that Carson Wentz got hurt and Nick Foles led us to the Super Bowl. It's actually kind of crazy that the backup can win for us. Everyone will be going crazy if they win. Are your friends jealous of you, do you think? Probably," said a young fan with his dad.

"You know that's a lifetime memory you're creating right now? That's what I'm hoping for. Hoping that he actually respects that and appreciates it at this young age. Hey, if he doesn't now, he will the rest of his life. I hope so, what do you think? Is there a chance you'll remember this for the rest of your life?" the young man's dad asks.

It's football bringing them together. It's family keeping them together. Fathers and sons. Even grandfathers, sons and grandsons.

"A month and a half ago, we booked hotel rooms. So, you knew this was happening? I was hoping it was happening. So you were savvy enough to book the hotel? Yes. So you didn't have to pay like $8000 a night? We still paid way more than we should. You don't take it for granted that you were born into this cool family, do you? Definitely not, definitely not, very lucky," three members of a family said to FOX 29.

The Eagles and their fans hope to bring home a Lombardi Trophy. A win on the field and never lost what you will always remember you did with Dad.