Exterminators Treat Municipal Services Building for Bed Bugs

City workers were creeped out to say the least after hearing a report of bed bugs on the fifth floor of the Municipal Services Building, home to thousands of city workers.

Joann Green says it was her first in the revenue department who made the bed bug report last night.

"One of our employees was bitten by a bed bug," she said. "She was sent down to Hahnemann Hospital, she came back with the report that indicated that the bites on her leg were bed bug bites."

A city spokesperson tells Fox 29 no bed bugs were actually found, but out of an abundance of caution they've called in a crew for a detailed cleaning of several floors.

Including two spraying treatments to kill and help stop breeding bugs.

Last month, the city sent home workers when bed bugs were reported at the City Hall's 311 call center.

SEPTA pulled three busses from its system when bed bugs were also recently found.

The thought of the pests had some workers itchy just talking about it.