Facebook locks man's account, says Air Force photo violated guidelines

A North Carolina man says he is now in social media jail on Facebook after he tried to post an Air Force insignia as his cover photo.

Glenn Weiss, of Denver, posted the image as his Facebook cover photo on Tuesday. He said Facebook froze his account because he violated “community standards”.

When you arrive at the Weiss home, the stars and stripes fly free outside.

"I am thinking about our son. We are always thinking about our son,” Weiss said.

In the age of social media, Weiss wanted to support his son, who is an Airman, by posting the insignia. He was surprised Facebook locked his account for the image, saying it violated guidelines including “graphic” material and “hate speech”. 

"I am trying to post something that is purely American and purely for the military and I don't consider that hate speech," he told FOX 46 Charlotte. "I am really angry, extremely angry that Facebook would consider this hate speech, but allow real hate speech to go through."

He posted the same image multiple times, always getting the same response.

Facebook has five categories of objectionable content, which include: hate speech, violent and graphic content, adult nudity and sexual activity, sexual solicitation and cruel or insensitive images.

"It's as if their algorithm has locked onto that image and automatically shuts it down,” said Weiss.

One solution Weiss considered is letting Facebook go dark, deleting his account.

"This is how we communicate. This is the way you communicate these days with everybody. So I would love to get away from Facebook and I have thought about it, but it's very difficult,” he said.

For now, he just wants an apology or response from the social media giant.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to Facebook for a response or explanation, but has not heard back.