Facebook Post About Polite Homeless Man Goes Viral

Sat on the 14 bus home, when some homeless fella gets on the bus with his dog. Next stop a woman and with a pram gets...

A heartwarming story about a polite homeless man from Liverpool has gone viral after it was shared on Facebook last week.

Michael Evans posted on Facebook after seeing a man, known as Mark, repeatedly give up his seat on a bus traveling from Liverpool city center to Anfield, UK. Michael says Mark is homeless.

After giving his seat up for multiple people, Mark then asked the bus driver to swap his change for a bill so that he could pay for a hostel more easily--the driver refused.

Both men got off at the same bus stop. Evans says he took the man the cash machine and bought his £12.60 off him for a £20 According to Evans, it's the best £7.40 he's ever spent.

Since the story was posted on September 18, 2015 it has been shared over 8,968 times and continues to be an internet sensation.