Fallout continues after marchers accused of wearing blackface during Mummers Parade

The fallout continues after a couple of men are accused of marching down Broad Street in blackface during the annual Mummers Parade.

On the phone before agreeing to an on-camera interview, Kevin Kinkel,48, one of the Froggy Carr Mummers, said he was “not a hater” and added, “he had black friends.” However, when it came time for him to say that for the camera, he was a no show.

His stepfather is the captain of the Froggy Carrs.

"Think he’s a racist?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Joe Renzi said, "No, he made a stupid mistake that’s all."

Kinkel, who says he’s been a member of the group for seven years, claims he walked the parade route in white face but changed to blackface in the clubhouse after the parade to honor a fellow Mummer who recently died.

"If he changed into blackface in the club why wasn’t he stopped? Cole asked. Renzi replied, "Someone should have stopped him, yes."

The controversy has enraged city leaders and once again has led to calls to change the parade that costs taxpayers at least $670,000 for police, fire and equipment.

"City leaders are sick and tired of reading about racist blackface on New Years. It’s unnecessary and that’s got to change. The Mummers have to evolve,"  Philadelphia City councilperson Helen Gym told FOX 29.

Kinkel says he is worried about losing his 21-year job as a longshoreman on the Port of Philadelphia.

His stepfather says he’s been suspended from the Froggy Carrs, but can’t explain why he turned his face from white to black inside the clubhouse.


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