Family donates sneakers to troops serving overseas

When Deborah and John Hausladen heard their son needed new sneakers overseas, they went above and beyond the call of duty.

"He said his sneakers had started to wear out due to the conditions over in Afghanistan and working out daily and they had started to break down," said Deborah

Learning about their son's need, Deborah and John wanted to help not only him, but his fellow soldiers as well.

"We asked him what about the other soldiers, can they get sneakers and is the same situation happening? And he said yes it is and no we can't get sneakers over here," said Deborah

After hearing this, Sneakers for Soldiers began.

Sneakers for Soldiers is a program Deborah and John created to provide sneakers for soldiers serving our country.

After partnering with a local sneaker store and their church, the first batch of sneakers was packed for their son's platoon. A pair of sneakers may seem like a small thing but when you can't get them and working out is one of the major stress relievers for our soldiers, it's a way for Deborah and John to show support and stay connected.

In a couple months, Deborah and John say they have established a way to let the soldiers pick their sneakers, and have gotten people across the country to donate.

"Our goal would be to eventually supply sneakers to rotating platoons, as needed over in Afghanistan," said Deborah.

She adds, "I would love to see the faces of the soldiers when they open the box… I think that's gonna put a smile on their face."

Deborah and John helped the whole platoon the same that they helped and cared for their own son for Goodness Sake.