Family Kicked Off of JetBlue Flight

ARLINGTON, VA- A Northern Virginia family says they were kicked off a JetBlue flight because of their two-year-old son. They say this all happened even after they followed instructions from the crew.

The Doshi family was returning from a family vacation Monday morning, flying JetBlue from Boston to Baltimore. The flight attendant had told them that their son needed to be in his seat, and the Doshi's say they complied.

However, the plane still returned to the gate where the family was then escorted off the plane.

The Doshi family has flown many times with their young children, a three-and-a-half-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. But it was the first time their son, Milin, had his own seat. Those are flight rules and Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Their child was squirmy, crying and just wanted to be with mom so the mother put him on her lap during taxiing to the runway. They never expected they would be kicked off the plane.

Two-year-old Milin was crying as the plane taxied to the runway. The flight attendant demanded the child be in his own seat. After several minutes of trying to calm the boy down the plane turned back towards the gate where they were met by seven JetBlue representatives after being escorted off the plane.

The day before, another Indian family had a near identical outcome after celebrating their son's third birthday at Disney World. Their son was crying. The plane returned to the gate and the family was kicked off the plane.

In a statement JetBlue said, 'We want our customers to have a safe and comfortable experience on board. Safety is always our top priority, and if our crew feels there is a situation where a customer is unable to follow safety procedures, those customers may need to be accommodated on a future flight.'

Jetblue has reached out to the family but they haven't yet connected.