Family of 4-year-old hospitalized after being hit by car in desperate need of help

A family is in desperate need of help after a 4-year-old was hit by a car, trapped underneath, and dragged several feet. He suffered extensive injuries as a result. 

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson spoke with the family. 

Cell phone video shows 4-year-old Sy'hee McCoy smiling and dancing. Full of life until a tragic accident. He’s now in the hospital unable to move.

"He got a feeding tube. He needs extra oxygen," his mom, Angelika McCoy, said.  "He had three surgeries and he got one more for his neck."

It happened Sunday around 2 p.m. near the 1900 block of West Wingohocken Street in Nicetown.

Surveillance video from a corner store captured Sy'hee stepping out in front of the car he had just gotten out of with his aunt as they arrived at his house. Next, you see the car that hit him approaching. 

"I told him to wait for me. Don't go in the street. Just wait for me," said his aunt Amber Joe.

She says he asked to go to the store across the street.

"I went to grab the keys and my phone and I heard Sy’hee scream, Amber. I got out of the car and I started running because the driver he was still going. He didn't even know he hit Sy'hee yet," she added.

His aunt says neighbors ran over to lift the car off of Sy-hee who was still under it as it was moving. She and his mom drove him to the hospital after they tried to call police.

"Sy’hee, he has a broken leg, he has a broken knee, he has a swollen liver and swollen kidney. 75 percent of his body is burned from third degree burns from hot pipes on the car," said his aunt.

The family says they don't know how well he'll recover and if he does whether he'll walk again. His mom and aunt are overwhelmed wondering how they will get everything he needs before he can come home.

Police say what happened and whether charges will be filed against the driver on the scene remains under investigation.

The family has set up a GoFundMe for donations for his care. He also has two young brothers. If you wish to donate, please click here.


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