Family of slain officer reacts to expected plea deal for men accused in 2015 killing

Life in prison. That's the deal expected to be made for two men charged in a shootout that left a Philadelphia Police Officer dead.

It follows a vow made by District Attorney Larry Krasner to never seek capital punishment, a decision that has some people furious, especially in this case.

The family of Officer Robert Wilson III is speaking out Saturday about the DA's decision.

"That guy right there. He did his job. In uniform and out of uniform. He's not getting any respect from the DA's office," said Troy Burroughs, the brother-in-law of slain Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III.

In a home decorated with reminders of Sergeant Wilson's life, and line-of-duty death, there is now fresh anguish, as his sister, brother-in-law and grandmother say they feel betrayed by District Attorney Larry Krasner. The family received a phone call from Krasner's head of homicide telling them the DA plans to take the death penalty off the table for Sgt. Wilson's accused killers.

"It's on the books. Capital crime, capital punishment," said Constance Wilson, Wilson's grandmother.

Three years ago, Sgt. Wilson found himself in the middle of an attempted armed robbery inside a North Philadelphia Game Stop, where he'd stopped to buy a gift for his son's birthday. Wilson protected civilians despite being outmanned and outgunned. Brothers Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams have been charged with his murder and have been awaiting trial. Last fall, DA Krasner was elected to office on a platform of criminal justice reform and opposing the death penalty. The Wilson family says Krasner is offering Hipps and Williams life plus 50 to 100 years if the defendants give up their right to an appeal.

"What do you mean give them a deal? They don't need a deal. They're cold blooded killers. Murderers," said Constance Wilson.

Wilson is struggling with lung cancer. But, the fight in her is strong, a fierce advocate for the little boy she raised into a hero in blue.

"This is my child. And, he deserves to get the justice that he should get," Wilson explained.

"The law is the law and Krasner, if he wanted to change the law, he should be working for the legislature, not for the mayor of a city," said Shaki'ra Wilson-Burroughs.

The defendants, Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams, must accept the plea deal and a judge must sign off on it in order for it to go forward. A status hearing is scheduled for Monday. The Fraternal Order of Police, along with the Wilson family are pledging a strong presence at that hearing to protest the proposed deal.

FOX 29 reached out to the DA's office for comment. They say that because this is a pending case, they have no comment.