Family, friends of woman gone missing search for her across Philadelphia

The family and friends of a woman who left home over the weekend and never returned are searching for her and trying to find information about her disappearance. 

Felicia Nunez says she is desperate to find her missing older sister, 26-year-old Casey Johnston, of Feasterville. Johnston left without her cell phone.

"My sister is missing in the city." Nunez stated. "It's tearing us apart. I’ve never been this scared in my entire life."

Nunez and a group of close friends began handing out flyers and scouring the streets of Philadelphia for Johnston. She says that Johnston spent Friday night at friend Meaghan Schickling's apartment, at 12th and Vine, after going out on the town and headed home about 5:30 the next morning. She hasn't been seen since.

"Sick to my stomach, anxious," Schickling lamented. "There has to be over 50 people looking for her and everyone is in different parts of the city. The scary part is she left in her car. We don't even know if she's still in the city."

Johnston was driving a 2016 grey Ford Focus. She lost her phone on Friday and has no way to get in touch with her family. Her sister says Johnston has mental health issues and its unclear if she has her medication with her.

"She could be very paranoid, in a manic state, just not knowing how to get home, not knowing who to call," Nunez explained.

There have been reported sightings, with family and friends rushing to different locations only to come up empty. Johnston’s family is trying to spread the word on social media, and area police are also putting it out on Facebook. It's believed she might be wearing a cheetah print skirt and white tube top, and has distinctive tattoos.



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