Family rescues pig stranded 2 miles offshore in Hawaii

A family enjoying the day on their boat in Hawaii was not expecting to be heroes, but life had other plans. 

June Mellor and her family were out on a boat near the island of Oahu when they saw something lurking in the ocean. 

They quickly realized a pig was frantically swimming in the water with no help in sight. The family initially thought it was a log and were shocked to discover it was a strangled pig. 

"We were just baffled, looking all around like, ‘Where did you come from? How did you get out here?’" Mellor told FOX Weather. 

The rescue operation lasted nearly an hour and ended with Mellor's son grabbing a piece of rope and lassoing it around the helpless animal. 

While Mellor noted that they were all worried that the animal was feral and could bite them, that did not stop them from saving another life in need. 

Despite their concerns, the pig collapsed the second it got on the boat and Mellor and her family quickly headed for shore. 

The pig joined the family on their outing at a sandbar, spending time with them for about two hours. Mellor said they tried to feed her tangerines and give her fresh water, but she was not interested.

When the family returned to shore and found a spot along the edge of a wooden area for the pig, she perked up, according to Mellor. She then sniffed around and disappeared into the woods.

Given the pig’s incredible tale of survival, the family dubbed her "Miracle."

"Just thankful that we were out there, and we spotted her, and she survived long enough for us to rescue her," Mellor said.

FOX Weather contributed to this story. It was reported from Los Angeles.