Family Who Lost Everything In Fire Gets Help From Neighbors, Online Campaign

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ASTON, PA (WTXF) It was a massive fire that destroyed an Aston family's home. It burned for hours.

They lost everything including all their possessions, but this family had given to so many for so many years. What happened next will touch your heart.

FOX 29 Weekend's Karen Hepp has the story with a surprising happy ending.

35 years of memories disappeared before their eyes. They had gotten out with seconds to spare.

They watched it rage for three hours. What started as an electrical fire out back at 4:30 in the morning on October 13 climbed to an 11-alarmer; burning everything from pictures to family treasures. In the end, this is all that was left of the Bigas family home on Garden Street in Aston. Today, even that's gone.

The only reason they didn't lose their lives is 25-year-old Eric. He smelled something warned his parents, and grabbed Murray the dog. As he watched his childhood home disappear, he called his best buddy who created something special

At 6 in the morning, he started a GoFundMe page, by like 8 it was up to $3,000. It broke a record for GoFundMe, the most amount of money in least amount of time ever requested.

Their friends blew past a $50,000 goal and the whole neighborhood carried that larger than life check right to them dancing up the street.

"My dad said it best, you're whole life you deposit equity in your lives, every time coach a game, youth group, didn't have Sunday dinner for 18 years because of youth group, building up equity now take from it, it's hard for us," Greg told FOX 29.

Lynne has logged every dollar and has already sent out hundreds of thank you cards. She made herself to save money.

"It's impossible to be depressed when you are so grateful it's true," Lynee Bigas said.

The GoFundMe money is buying the family time. Lynne lost her income because she ran an in-home daycare. John is out on disability from Honeywell after four recent knee surgeries.

No matter their troubles, they feel blessed and plan to rebuild right on the very same spot in the community they love and loves them back.