Family's South Carolina home is burglarized after they evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew

One South Carolina family thought Hurricane Matthew may cause some damage, but they didn't think they'd have to repair a broken window from a burglary.

Angela Jones evacuated her Charleston home for North Carolina to be with her family during the hurricane, so when her Canary camera application flagged motion in her house she was surprised.

In home surveillance footage, a woman appears to search around on the ground of Jones' kitchen with a phone light before retreating into bedrooms to keep searching. She then leaves out of the front door before looking out the door to make sure no one is watching.

Jones said the woman broke her back window and slid her hand in to open the door.

She was in the home for a short two minutes, according to Jones. It was enough time for her to get away with a Louis Vuitton purse and some other unidentified items, Jones said.

Jones said she posted her address in a Facebook group a few weeks prior for a yard sale and isn't sure if the culprit was in that group.

"I didn't post that we were leaving town but posted that we were having a yard sale with our address. I think that's probably where she got our address," Jones told

As of Sunday Jones was still in North Carolina with family as power remained out in Charleston.

It's frustrating but it's just stuff," Jones said. "I have lived in Charleston my entire life. We stayed for Hurricane Hugo, which was devastating. I knew that this storm wasn't going to be as bad. I just had a baby eight weeks ago and our son is three with heart defect. So we just really didn't feel safe being there without having power."

Police are reportedly investigating the crime.