Fans of ‘The Addams Family’ have a chance to stay in the ‘mysterious and spooky’ mansion for a night

Fans of “The Addams Family” will now get a chance to live out their dream as a member of the “ooky” clan with a special stay at a replica of the iconic mansion. has turned a three-bedroom apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, into the museum-esque home where Wednesday, Pugsley, Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, The Thing, Lurch and Grandmama live.

The 3,700-square-foot townhome offers guests the chance to play with machines and chains in Pugsley’s room, conjure a séance in Wednesday’s room, sleep with snakes on the floor in the master bedroom or care for one of Morticia’s carnivorous plants in the living room.

Guests have also been warned to keep an eye out for The Thing who could be skulking around.

The chance to stay at the “mysterious and spooky” mansion starts at midnight EST on Oct. 28. Lucky fans will be able to book one of four nights from Oct. 29 until Nov. 1 for the price of $101.10. The price is in honor of the movie’s release date on Oct. 11.

Guests who are creepy and kooky enough to get a stay will get “spooky snacks” and a screening of the new animated film, among other goodies.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.