Father, newborn, share same Leap Year birthday

Just before 5 p.m. on February 29th Liam Vess Black was introduced to the world.

"Originally he was due on March 13th and Monday he was born on Leap Year," said mom, Sara Felger. "He won't be celebrating alone; he'll be celebrating with his father," she added.

Shane Black, the father, was also born on February 29 th .

"It's 2 million to one; I'm still blown away," he said.

It's the ultimate birthday gift for dad, who's technically nine years old.

"It's amazing. I would never imagine this, honestly," Black said.

He was right by mom's side during the birth at Manatee Memorial Hospital, but it was close. He had to hop on a last minute flight from Idaho to catch it.

"The fact that they're going to get to share the birthday on a holiday that's extremely limited- not coming every year- I think that's a bond that's special and can carry on for the rest of their lives," said Felger.

And you better believe those shared birthdays are going to be epic.

"For every Leap Year we have, we're going to have the biggest best birthday blowouts around," she said.