Father Saved by His Son After Being Struck By Falling Boulder in Wilderness

An Idaho boy scout is being hailed a hero, after he saved his father's life out in the wilderness earlier this month.

David Finlayson, who is still recovering, had enough energy to speak to reporters Thursday about his brave son's actions.

The young hero jumped into action on August 17 th , after a boulder rolled off the mountainside and hit his dad.

The impact broke his back, left heel, and left arm while the two were camping at Ship Island Lake, northwest of Challis.

David says his son Charlie was right on top of things.

"Well if the boulder had landed on me I would be dead for sure. I jumped and it hit me in the air. Crushed my arm. Well he's been climbing and backpacking with me for years and he knew a lot of the important things. Like, keeping somebody hydrated that's injured, getting the bleeding stopped. My leg was opened up, all the way to the bone. So it was just bleeding but the bleeding stopped. Charlie was right on top of things. He got me lowered down to the ground and got the first aid kit; lowered to me," David explained.

Despite the incident, the father and son say they're looking forward to their next outdoor adventure, and they plan to be better prepared in case of an emergency.