Flight attendant found with loaded gun at Philadelphia International Airport: TSA

A flight attendant was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport Friday after authorities say she tried to board a plane with a loaded handgun. 

TSA Agents stopped the flight attendant at a security checkpoint before she boarded a plane she was working on and found a loaded .380 caliber gun. 

Authorities say the disturbing discovery comes weeks after an employee of an airport concession shop also tried to bring a loaded gun through a security checkpoint.


"We are always on the alert for any possible insider threats," said TSA Federal Security Director Gerado Spero. "Flight attendants and workers inside the terminal have insider knowledge and access to areas of the airport and aircraft that could pose a serious security threat."

Authorities say the Arizona-based flight attendant also faces a federal financial penalty for carrying a gun to a checkpoint. It's unknown which airline the flight attendant worked for, or if any disciplinary action has been taken.