Florida beachside homes nearly buried in feet of sand after Hurricane Nicole

In addition to collapsed buildings, eroded beaches, downed trees, and flooded roadways, the power of Hurricane Nicole also pushed up several feet of sand onto the coast, covering some streets and homes in massive amounts of sand.

The Flagler County Emergency Management Office shared a number of photos on Friday showing the extent of damage that Hurricane Nicole (quickly downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall on Thursday morning) left in its wake.

Three photos shared of a home on Rollins Drive in "The Hammock" neighborhood showed a street buried in sand – even the home's mailbox was a couple feet away from being completely covered. Closer to the house, a shed appeared to half-covered in sand, while an outdoor hot tub appeared to be a foot or less from being covered.

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Photo via Flagler County Emergency Management Office

On Atlantic Drive, part of a home's outdoor fence was barely visible, and the bottom staircase completely buried in sand. A little more inland, aerial photos of Bull Creek Fish Camp's parking lot was flooded with water.

On Friday, Flagler County released its initial estimate of the damage from Nicole – $23.7 million. Of that, $13.3 million was in Flagler Beach, $1.2 million in Beverly Beach, and $9.2 million in unincorporated parts of Flagler County. The county said no homes were destroyed, but hundreds were damaged or flooded.

Over in Volusia County, Wilbur-By-The-Sea and Daytona Beach Shores – two costal towns – were also hit especially hard by Nicole, which made landfall as a category 1 hurricane and wind speeds near 75 mph. Several homes along the coast partially collapsed as the beach and support eroded way.