Folcroft homeowner wants answers about iPhone delivery

A local homeowner wants answers about what happened to his iPhone delivery. He says video shows a FedEx driver taking the package.

When he ordered two iPhones online, Ron, from Folcroft, got a FedEx confirmation saying his phones were delivered to his home Tuesday at 10:01 am. But he was disappointed when he got home to find nothing on his door step.

"I didn't think anything of it. I thought he would just come back," he told FOX 29.

FedEx did come back the very next morning.

"I open the door and I think I'm getting my phones," he said.

Ron who asked us not to reveal his last name was happy to see that FedEx truck pull up to his door. On his surveillance system, you see the truck stop and back up. However, Ron never got the phones so he went to his security system for answers.

"I went and looked at the camera and what do you know? He's walking away back to the truck with my iPhones. All he did is scan it for delivery. So I guess he wanted to keep the iPhone"

Just as his confirmation, the video shows the two iPhones were delivered to his door at 10:01. But then at 10:02 a.m., what the driver appears to do the company says is against their policy.

After scanning the iPhones for delivery, he walks back to the truck with the phones still in his arms. One thing he may not have noticed is the camera watching.

Folcroft police detectives say they will look at the video and they didn't have to go far the home is directly across the street from the police station.

Read FedEx's statement above.