Folks look for ways to cope in the Delaware Valley heat wave

It’s too hot for all this!

Dangeroulsy hot and, still, there are many who have to be out in it. Got things to do. But, most of them made quick work of their duties as early as possible, before the swelter could get the best of them.

And, then there’s always the diehards, like Muareen Graven-Eells.

“I was warned by my family not to do this,” Maureen said.

Nothing was stopping her routine three-mile walk around Cooper River Park, mask and all.

“I don’t mind. It’s fine by me,” she added. “Actually, it’s nice here because you get a breeze from the water.”

Not enough breeze to be exercising in hooded sweats, head to toe. An extreme workout, one man was wearing a weighted vest. Louis Lopez explains that all of the gyms are closed.

“Do you know you could pass out?” asked FOX 29’s Joyce Evans.

“Yeah, I know, but it’s okay,” Lopez replied.

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“You’ve gotta be careful, drink lots of water and come to the mall,” Kathleen McHugh explained.

Cooler heads prevailed not too far away, inside the Cherry Hill Mall. McHugh heeded the warning.

“Stay at home is about the only other thing you can do and, hopefully, you have air conditioning. If not, you’ll be in trouble,” McHugh stated.

“It’s one of those times I’m already tired of being cooped up in the house so much. Still had to come out here. Still had to find something to do,” Bamm Jones remarked.

“It’s just not a lot of options right now, especially since you have to keep the mask on,” Angelina Cosme said.

Cherry Hill West graduating seniors Lianna Carpenter and Cosme enjoyed a cap and gown ohoto op at school, by appointment only, after their virtual commencement a month ago.

“Received our diploma, got a few pics in front of a balloon arch and walk through the school one last time,” Carpenter said.


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