Former Bomb Sniffing Dog is Now Making Quite a Splash

MEDFORD LAKES, NJ (WTXF) Even on the most ominous of days, Lake Aetna in Medford Lakes New Jersey, is the place for one three-year old German shorthair pointer to get in some work.

Trying to get Lager to cooperate on camera may be a little challenging, but once he settles in, there is no way to hold him back.

"The day we got him we took him to the back yard and he jumped in just like he was train to do it his whole life," explained Jenny Beadling.

Brian and Jenny Beadling adopted Lager a little over month ago, adding him to their other gifted dock divers, Limoncello and Hooch.

"We knew he was obsessed with water," Brian explained

"He is the first dog that we had that wasn't a puppy that we brought up around the water and he just took right to it," Jenny explained

The Beadling's take the three dogs all over the country competing, and Lager has no problem winning.

"His very first time doing it he hit 6.4 it was quite amazing," Jenny explained.

But to know Lager, you must know his past.

"Lager was an explosion detection dog trained to work for the government over in Iraq. He helped serve our armed forces over there. Helped to keep them protected from devices whether they would be in the field or in vehicle being checked at check points," Brian said.

After two years of service it was time for Lager to retire and the government couldn't think of a better family to adopt him.

"He had a serious job and he had to be on point and people's lives were at stake and now nobody's life is at stake he just gets to jump in the water," Brian said.

Who said you couldn't teach a retired dog new tricks?