Former Philadelphia homicide detective accused of sexually assaulting sister of murder victim

A former Philadelphia police homicide detective is accused of sexually assaulting a woman multiple times while he investigated her brother's murder, prosecutors announced Friday. 

Donald Suchinsky, 57, is accused of sexually assaulting the unnamed victim 10 times between 2017-2022. He was charged with Rape, Involuntary Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault and other crimes. 

Prosecutors say Suchinsky was charged in February for allegedly assaulting the mother of a homicide victim, whose murder he has also been involved in investigating. 

They believe local reporting on Suchinsky's arrest encouraged earlier this year encouraged the second victim to come forward. 

"News media reporting and social media sharing of defendant Donald Suchinsky’s arrest last February was, we believe, instrumental in the development of information about the second victim and our new allegations in this second case," SIU Supervisor ADA Lyandra Retacco said. 

Suchinsky is being held on $1.5M bail. Prosecutors believe Suchinsky have more victims, and urged the public to come forward with information. 

"We have reason to believe that there may be yet more victims who have truthful information about defendant Suchinsky, and who may have encountered him while he was performing his official duties as a police detective investigating murders," Retacco said.