Former Special Forces leader teaching self-defense in Northern Liberties

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - A former Special Forces leader wants to make sure you're prepared to defend yourself in any situation, from knowing your surroundings to being able to stop an attacker.

FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce got in on the action at a self- defense class in Northern Liberties.

Move! kick! go! get down!

Krav Maga student Nicole Mannes believes these moves could save her life

"I feel pretty secure that if I were to be attacked, I'd be able to defend and get away," Mannes said.

To survive a knife attack, create distance.

Knife attack defense is the focus of this class with instructor and owner of Magen Tactical Defense in the Spring Garden section of the city.

It's a special session, free and open to the public in light of recent stabbings in the city. In one case, a few weeks ago, police say a woman was stabbed with a kitchen knife inside of an elevator at the Huntingdon SEPTA stop on the Market Frankford line.

Smith reflected on the recent violence and wants to help.

"A lot of people say we can rally, protest, fundraise for the victims but to help the community stay safe we have to give self-defense tools," Chanan Smith said.

Smith says no matter your sex or your size.

See the difference in size? Who would thinking you could actually defend?

Anyone can protect themselves with the right training.

FOX 29's Jenni Joyce gave it a shot and it's certainly an adrenaline rush.

And after a few more tries, her kick became more powerful, she felt more in control of the situation, a new found confidence that Mannes says she's gained through this training.

"Everyone should be able to know what to do in a life-threatening situation," Mannes said.