Former Virginia governor's grandson, 20, charged with rape: 'Sorry if I got overly excited'

(INSIDE EDITION) - The grandson of a former Virginia governor has been charged with raping a college student.

Dalton Baril, 20, turned himself in to authorities Wednesday in Albemarle County, where he was charged with the rape and forcible sodomy of a University of Virginia student back in February.

Baril also attended UVA, but withdrew from the school in April after authorities began investigating the allegations against him.

Baril, the grandson of former Virginia Gov. John N. Dalton, appeared at a bond hearing Wednesday via teleconference.

Baril is a member of a prominent Virginia Republican family and was a third generation to attend UVA prior to his withdrawal.

With Baril's accuser watching inside the courtroom, City Prosecutor Areshini Pather argued the former student restrained and sexually assaulted the woman.

The woman allegedly sustained bites and bruises from the incident, as well as vaginal tearing.

Pather said that Baril sent a text message to the woman following the encounter, writing: "I'm sorry if I got overly excited."

Baril did not enter a plea, but his attorney Rhonda Quagliana said in court that Baril plans to vigorously contest the woman's claims, according to reports.

The suspect was released to the custody of his parents on $10,000 bond, thanks in part to his having cooperated with authorities' request for a DNA sample.

He must remain in the home of either his mother or father with electronic monitoring. He's due back in court on August 10.