Former 'Voice' contestant left with hole in face after spider bite

(INSIDE EDITION) - A former runner-up on The Voice was recently bit by a spider, which left a gaping hole in her face.

Meghan Linsey was on the hit singing competition show two years ago, but what happened when she woke up one morning in February shook her entire world.

"Woke up to a stinging sensation on my face," she posted on social media at the time. "In my right hand was a dead spider. This scenario is literally on the top of my nightmare list."

She said that she suffered 'excruciating pain, muscle spasms, full body rash, extreme swelling."

The culprit? A brown recluse spider.

The venomous arachnid is roughly the size of a quarter, and can be found in the south-central and Midwestern parts of the country.

Since the incident began, Linsey has been recording her progress on Instagram.

The breakthrough in Linsey's recovery was the treated she received in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

"The oxygen [from the chamber] helps them heal wounds much easier and are much more able to fight off infection," Dr. Roshini Raj told Inside Edition.

The black tissue and gaping hole in her face is now gone. A pink hue can be seen where the hole once was as Linsey continues to heal.