Founder of matchmaking company allegedly urinates on woman after she refuses his sexual advances

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Police in Scottsdale, Arizona say that the founder of a matchmaking company allegedly urinated on a woman during a reported domestic violence incident that happened earlier in the week according to court records.

AZCentral reports that Darrell Peter Boulby was arrested on suspicion of felony kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Police say he attacked a woman repeatedly and then held her against her will for about an hour.

Boulby's company is My Top Matchmaker and it makes sure that its customers are safe by requiring all clients to pass a background check, drug screen, and medical history review. It has offices in Virginia, Florida, and Scottsdale according to AZCentral.

According to court records, the woman involved in the incident called authorities around 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

In a probable cause statement, investigators wrote that when officials got to the scene, they saw the woman's mouth bleeding. They also report that she had bruises above her eye, on her ear, nose, arms, and back.

Officials say that it all started because Boulby became angry with the woman after she refused his sexual advances.

On Wednesday night, records say that Boulby allegedly told the woman that she was no longer needed because he called two other women to satisfy his sexual needs.

An argument then started and according to records, the woman told police that she threw Boulby's cell phone into the pool.

Scottsdale Police say that Boulby said he would urinate on her if she would not perform for him sexually. The woman then said she was going to call the police and police say that Boulby urinated on her head and shirt.

The woman fought back against Boulby, but police say he knocked her down, climbed atop her, struck her numerous times in the head, and dug into her eye with his finger.

Records state that when the woman shouted for assistance, Boulby stuck his fingers into her mouth and throat, blocking her air passage.

The woman then bit Boulby's fingers, and according to records he shoved her face into the ground.

Allegedly the woman said to police that she put on a ruse of passing out and nearly escaped the home before Boulby got a hold of her and kept her captive in a bedroom.

Officials say that the woman convinced Boulby to let her use the bathroom when she once again tried to get away. Allegedly, Boulby got a hold of her again and shoved his fingers in her mouth again.

She reportedly bit him and then records say she struggled with Boulby after he placed his hand over her nose and mouth.

The woman was eventually able to escape to a neighbor's home, with Boulby allegedly fleeing the residence, but when he came back, he was detained.

According to authorities, Boulby appeared to have bite marks on his fingers, didn't answer questions, and asked for a lawyer.