FOX 5 viewers reaching out to help homeless family in need of shelter

There was an overwhelming response after FOX 5's story aired Tuesday night showing Hyattsville police officers going above and beyond to help a homeless mother and her three children.

The police officers paid for the family's hotel stay and more. The kind act struck a chord with some of our viewers and several people have come forward wanting to help.

"The message here today is this is America and kids shouldn't be homeless," said Alexandria resident Martin Thornhill. "I call this America and if you all can reach out and help, it's a good thing."

Thornhill contacted FOX 5 News after seeing our story about Antonique Golden-Abban and her three children.

"I'm living here in this house with three bedrooms, just me and my old lady, and I've got two extra rooms and I was willing to put her up for the holiday because I always look at kids, [they] shouldn't be homeless," Thornhill said.

On Monday night, Golden-Abban had nowhere to go and never expected the officers' outpouring of generosity.

"I was shocked because I was like, 'Wow, these officers are really helping,'" said Golden-Abban. "I could have been sleeping outside in the cold because when I called 211 for emergency shelter, they didn't have anything available."

"It was really cold outside and the kids were just standing there by her and she had one kid in a baby stroller and we couldn't leave her out there," said Hyattsville Police Officer Kirk Pile.

All the while, Thornhill was watching FOX 5's story and thinking about how he could help.

"It just touched me," he said. "This is a holiday weekend. I was willing to put them up in the room for the holiday weekend so she can get herself on her feet. I was willing to do that."

We sent Thornhill's information along with everyone else who contacted FOX 5 News about helping the family to Hyattsville police so they could forward it to Golden-Abban.

A Hagerstown hotel has offered the family a one-month free stay at the hotel.

The Hyattsville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 119 has created a GoFundMe account on their Facebook page to help raise donations for the family.