Fox caught stealing snacks outside NJ home

A pesky little fox was caught on camera stealing snacks left for delivery drivers.

It happened on Nov. 17 in Florham Park, New Jersey.

The homeowner had built a relationship with the fox over the past week weeks, even providing her dinner. The fox decided to grab an extra meal.

"When this fox first showed up she was very skinny and had mange, which caused her to be missing a lot of fur. Mange is a pretty painful skin condition that if left untreated, the animal eventually dies from it," said the owner. "So, I used the Ring camera to track what time she would come and what she liked eating most, and then I treated her with antibiotics in her food on a very specific schedule over the course of a few weeks. As shown on this recent video, you can see she has made a complete recovery."

The Ring customer put some granola bars and chips out for delivery drivers during the holiday season as a thank you but the fox decided they were for her instead.

The folks at Ring say the video is a nice reminder that if you want to leave treats for delivery folks this holiday season, they should be stored in a way so that critters can’t get to them.